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the Brand

Backstage ModaLisboa Lisbon Fashion Week by Tomás Monteiro


Founded in 2016 by Carolina Machado, fuses contemporary, minimal and timeless pieces. Inspired by the contrast between feminine and masculine lines, resulting in classic yet playful silhouettes that transcend time and trends.


We aim to promote a slow-paced, balanced, mindful and creative lifestyle. Committed to the environment, using only natural, deadstock or recycled materials, and working with local suppliers, artisans and seamstresses to reduce environmental impact. While promoting the local economy, as well as giving back to the community through donations, our small productions made locally allows us to take more control over these processes.


Our fabrics are sourced from Portugal, Italy and Greece and the brand is designed and ethically produced in Porto, Portugal.


Meet the Designer

Born and raised in Leiria, Portugal, Carolina’s passion for arts and fashion flourished from a very early age. In 2012, she moved to Porto and began to study Fashion Design at ESAD University.
She debuted her graduate collection at the Sangue Novo platform of ModaLisboa - Lisbon Fashion Week.

In 2016 she officially launched her own ready to wear womenswear brand CAROLINA MACHADO, where she currently works. Later in 2017, she integrated the official calendar of ModaLisboa.

Carolina believes that fashion can be a solution, she defends an ethical way of work, with respect to all parts involved. She’s passionate in what she does, her inspirations come from daily living, art, culture and traveling.

CAROLINA MACHADO represents her, and her desire to inspire other woman.