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Open FW 16

Model wearing Open collection

About the Collection

Open arises from the attempt and exploration of an identity. The definition of self, it's authenticity, the various elements, events and changes that influence directly or indirectly its personification, resulting in a more intuitive act. In this sense the collection transmits a certain softness and femininity, still influenced by some details and masculine lines. Allied to this ideal, is the surrealist, psychedelic and sensorial work of the director René Laloux: "La Planète Sauvage", 1973.


Open explores the silhouette of the '70s, as well as the changing forms of the characters "Draggs," an alien race with red eyes and blue skin. The application of eyelets in the pieces "manifests" the importance of the clarity and transparency of the self, assuming a fundamental importance in the collection. Chromatically, the collection explores the various shades throughout the film: a palette of earth colors: the reds, oranges, brick and also a range of blues and black.

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